Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to trim a puffer fish teeth

Here is a video that I shot when I trimmed my two figure 8 puffer fish's beaks (AKA Teeth). There is no audio because my cockatiels decided to have a chirp-off when I was cutting the teeth. It is meant more for an educational standpoint so if you don't like it at least you learned what a figure 8 puffer fish looks like.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another reason why I think there should be a test you have to pass to breed.

#1 cause of death in America is heart disease ( I think...I'm not a doctor so If I"m wrong I'm wrong). I am very surprised that it isn't stupidity. Everyone has heard of the darwin awards where people end up weeding themselves out of the gene pool by making stupid choices to do stupid stuff, but that would eventually make the human race evolve past being completely incompetent when it comes to making choices that include potentially going on a permanent vacation to meet their creator (whomever that may be).  So here is a video that makes me wonder if I ever want to have children in these times.....

Thanks for ruining the ghost busters theme song jerks!

Here is a video of some complete juvenile attempts at posting a funny prank video. Pranks are supposed to be creative and give you the "I'm gonna kill you for doing that...but I can't because that was hilarious". This video is more like a string of evidence videos for someone being charged with multiple counts of assault. Please be less stupid and think of something that is funny and isn't a complete disregard for peoples safety. Anyone can take a dangerous situation and make someone feel unsafe (Shaking a ladder or tossing a cat in a moving car window). Notice that every time a "prank" is made the culprit runs away very quickly...I think that they should be in better shape from doing such. Hopefully one day you get what is comming to you and get caught by someone you "pranked" (and I am using pranked in the loosest form I can think of). Seems like they would definitely like to "say" something to you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

San Fransisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp Hatchery

Not a bad little investment for less than ten bucks. Takes about two days to hatch the brine shrimp. Comes with three packs of salt/brine shrimp. Pros-the unit itself is good to go. Mix the salt/egg pack with RO/distilled water and fill the collection cup with straight filtered/distilled water. the newly hatched brine shrimp will go towards light and end up in the collection cup. For a salty like me, I take normal water out of my 135gallon and I mix that with straight brine shrimp eggs...a lot easier and a lot more brine shrimp. I reuse the water by filtering it through cone coffee really well for clearing out the brine shrimp eggs. I would give the "shrimpery" an 8/10. Good design and idea, but they should have included a better quality salt/egg bag.  I mean more eggs to each bag would have been nice. I would recommend buying an extra vial of just straight brine eggs. My LPS hard coral love these! You can also hatch the shrimp and filter them out with a coffee filter and freeze them for later! The vial of eggs last almost FOREVER it seems. I usually take off the vial cap and put enough eggs in it to just cover the bottom to where I can t see it and I end up with a big cloud of hatchlings!

Talking cat videos, wake up kitty, sylvester

I don't know exactly who this guy is but he has some great charisma and is creative as I"ll get out. He keeps releasing these talking cat videos and they are like a mini-series saga.  Watch them in order and have a great time. I subscribe to his videos and he is hilarious.